The PEPR NumPEx: a French program dedicated to Exascale

The Priority Research Programs and Equipment (PEPR) for Exascale in France is an ambitious national initiative aimed at advancing scientific and technological research in the field of large-scale computing and exascale computing. This program, funded by the French government, aims to place France at the forefront of advances in high-performance computing and to develop innovative technologies to meet the most complex computational challenges of our time.


The main objective of the NumPEx (Numeric for Exascale) program in France is to develop state-of-the-art skills and infrastructures in the field of exascale computing.

These skills and infrastructures will allow calculations to be performed at an unprecedented scale, reaching performance levels of the order of a quintillion (10^18) operations per second. The specific objectives of this program include:

Technological advances

The NumPEx project aims to promote research and development of new architectures, new software and new computing technologies to achieve exascale. This includes exploring new computational paradigms, optimizing existing algorithms, and developing new methods to solve complex problems.

Research infrastructure

The program also supports the creation of research infrastructures dedicated to exascale, including advanced computing centers, specialized laboratories and high-performance computing clusters. These infrastructures will provide researchers with the necessary resources to conduct large-scale experiments, simulations and analyses.

International Cooperation

NumPEx encourages collaboration with international partners in the field of exascale. This will allow the exchange of knowledge, the sharing of resources and the promotion of common advances in the field of large-scale computing.

The NumPEx program should have a significant impact on scientific and technological research in France and Europe

Expected impacts

The NumPEx program should have a significant impact on scientific and technological research in France and Europe, as well as on economic development and innovation.

The expected impacts of this program include:

Scientific progress

The research carried out under this program will push the boundaries of knowledge in fields such as modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, medical research, environmental sciences and many others where large-scale calculations are needed.

Economic competitiveness

By developing advanced skills in exascale computing, France will be able to strengthen its economic competitiveness in key sectors such as industry, health, transport, energy and finance.
Technological advances and applications developed through this program will open up new business opportunities and drive innovation.

International influence

By positioning France as a major player in exascale computing, the PEPR will strengthen the visibility and international influence of French research. This will promote international partnerships, attract foreign researchers and investment, and position France as a world reference in high-performance computing.

The NumPEx program, as a PEPR for Exascale in France, is a bold and strategic initiative aimed at stimulating scientific and technological research in the field of exascale computing.
Thanks to this program, France will position itself as a leading player in the development of large-scale computing technologies, thus opening up new scientific, economic and innovation prospects for the country.

The NumPEx program brings together five targeted projects


Methods and Algorithms for Exascale

Exa-MA project

Architectures and Tools for Large-Scale Workflows

Exa-AToW project

Data-oriented Software and Tools for the Exascale

Exa-DoST project

HPC software and tools

Exa-SofT project

Development and integration project

Exa-DI project