Explore the New World of Exascale with the International Post-Exascale Project (InPEx)

The International Post-Exascale Project (InPEx) is a pioneering initiative bringing together the brightest minds in the field of high-performance computing, from researchers and engineers to policy organizations and funding bodies. Its workshops and thematic workgroups aim to bridge the gaps between various national and international efforts like the French NumPEx project, the EuroHPC program, the ECP project in the US, and Japan’s FugakuNEXT project, to tackle emerging challenges in Exascale and post-Exascale systems.

These workshops will be hosted successively in Europe, the USA, and Japan, starting in 2023.

Furthermore, a coordinated initiative at the European level in areas related to post-exascale computing is currently under discussion with the European Commission. Find the proposal from NumPEx and its European partners here:

Post-Exascale program EU
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