The NumPEx project is a research program aimed at developing solutions and technologies to reach the era of exascale, where computer systems can perform a billion of billion calculations per second. It brings together researchers, institutions and companies working in this field.
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The exascale is a crucial step in the field of supercomputing. Achieving exascale would solve complex problems faster, accelerate scientific research, improve modeling and simulation, and open up new possibilities in fields such as medicine, energy, technology and environment.

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The skills required to work in the field of exascale include a solid understanding of algorithms, parallel programming, architecture of high-performance systems, as well as specialized knowledge in specific application domains.

The NumPEx project conducts cutting-edge research to develop new computing architectures, performance optimization techniques and innovative algorithms, thereby contributing to the advancement of supercomputing technologies.

The NumPEx project maintains collaborations with researchers and institutions around the world. We partner with similar programs internationally to exchange knowledge, share resources and foster scientific cooperation.

Recruiting researchers and students in the field of exascale can be a challenge due to the technical complexity and the need for specialized skills.

However, we strive to attract and retain top talent by offering exciting research opportunities, collaborations with renowned institutions and promising career prospects in a growing field.

If you are interested in joining the NumPEx project as a researcher or student, you can consult our page dedicated to research opportunities and jobs. You will find information on available positions, scholarships, internships and possible collaborations. We would be delighted to welcome you to ours teams!