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The Exa-DI project hinges on bringing research, software and applications into an iterative and incremental participatory process across NumPEx supported by a computational and data team (CDT) to accelerate the delivery of a co-designed and co-developed science-driven expanded software stack and breakthrough solutions as part of a capable exascale ecosystem and on which computational science and engineering (CSE) applications can build on for solving new discovery challenges that previously were out of reach.

Exa-DI is invested in the “last mile” integration of logical collections within the NumPEx software stack in the form of software development kits that can be easily deployed and instantiated in many ways to enable sustainable development and performance portability of exascale applications.

This is supported by software community policies, common exascale software packaging technologies, a software integration hub in collaboration with the national computing facilities, together with training and best practices materials for reaching the broader computational community.

The Exa-DI Agile methodology will provide a lightweight iterative process, driven by co-designed algorithmic computational and communication motifs cross-cutting CSE application demonstrators (ADs), that help to improve overall exascale application capability and performance portability to achieve science goals, while still managing risk and adapting to changing requirements and dependencies.

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