The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis SuperComputing 2023 will take place in Denver from November 12 to 17, 2023.

sc23_homeDuring this conference, a birds of a Feather (BoF) connected to the NumPEx program is scheduled, allowing conference attendees to openly discuss current topics of interest to the HPC community.

Several (trans-)national initiatives have recognized the crucial importance of co-design between hardware, software and application stakeholders in the path to Exascale and beyond. It is seen as indispensable for the efficient exploitation of Exascale computing resources in the development of large-scale application demonstrators but also to prepare complex applications to fully exploit the full capacity of Exascale and post-Exascale sytems.  Among these projects, we can cite the French NumPEX project (41M€) but also the EuroHPC program, or the ECP project in the US and FugakuNEXT project in Japan.  However, these efforts are somehow disconnected while the community would benefit by sharing return of experience, common know-how, and advancing on the new problems arising as exascale machines become more and more available.

Building on earlier efforts of the International Exascale Software Project (IESP), the European EXtreme Data and Computing Initiative (EXDCI), and the BDEC community, we will work on the implementation of an international, shared, high quality computing environment that focuses on co-design principles and practices. US, European and Japanese partners have already met and identified a set of areas for international coordination (among others):

  • Software production and management: packaging, documentation, builds, results, catalogs, continuous integration, containerization, LLVM, parallel tools, etc.
  • Software sustainability
  • Future and disruptive SW&HW technologies and usages (investments and roadmaps)
  • Mapping of missing capabilities (driven by both Apps and SW)
  • Roadmap of near-term HW targets
  • HPC/AI convergence: ML, open models and datasets for AI training,
  • FAIR data stewardship
  • Digital Continuum and Data management
  • Benchmarks and evaluation, co-design (HW, SW, applications)
  • Energy and environmental impact and sustainability
  • Collaboration/Partnership factory: establish collaborations at international level
  • Training

The proposed BOF will offer an overview of the different Exascale programs and initiatives from the perspective of co-design (mixing application, software-stack and hardware perspective). Then, international partners representing major computing centers from Europe, USA and Japan, will expose and discuss the common issues and questions.

BoF leaders will seek feedback from attendees on the objectives of co-design and the efficient exploitation and coordination of existing efforts in Europe, the US and Japan, dedicated to exascale. BOF participants will be invited to share their views on the above problems and issues. We will also discuss candidates for collaborative application demonstrators, of which the LHC project of CERN, IPCC climate models, and the SKA project are some representative examples. Finally, we will call for contributions from participants.

At the BoF, a panel of experts from NumPEx, ECP, Riken-CC, BSC, JSC and from selected application communities, will raise issues and solicit input in each of their respective areas. Representatives of all the involved funding agencies will be invited to participate and contribute.

The ultimate goal of this BOF is to launch a new series of workshops dedicated to international collaborations between Europe, USA and Japan on Exascale and post-Exascale computing.