InPEx Birds of a Feather - SuperComputing 2023

November 15, 2023 - 17:15 (301-303)

The International Post-Exascale (InPEx) workshop series will present a Birds of a Feather during the The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (Nov. 12–17, 2023, Denver, CO).

The BoF, bringing together leading experts in the field of HPC, aims to foster the community on post-Exascale R&D and build on transnational initiatives such as NumPEx, EuroHPC, ECP, Fugaku-Next around critical subjects like soft production, HPC/AI convergence, energy, etc.

The InPEx BoF will be chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Jeannot (Inria)

10’ : General goal of the BoF and the InPEx workshop series – Dr. Pete Beckman (NAISE), Dr. Jean-Yves Berthou (Inria)

20’ : International program

20’ : Feedback on the subgroup discussion of the InPEx pre-workshop of 19-20/10/23 (e.g. Soft production, HPC/AI convergence, energy) – chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Jeannot (Inria)

30’ : Open discussions – chaired by Dr. Emmanuel Jeannot (Inria)

InPEx BoF Organisers