Afin de gérer le programme scientifique, la gouvernance du projet PEPR NumPEx s’appuiera sur les organes suivants : le conseil d’administration (CA), le comité opérationnel, le bureau du projet, le comité consultatif industriel et le conseil scientifique international, comme décrit dans la figure 1.

Figure 1


The project office (PO) is led by a leading project officer and composed of two FC project managers, an administrative assistant and a communication assistant (website and social networks). Its goals are to:

  • Organize the project launch and the set-up and maintenance of all management methods and tools.
  • Manage the planning, organization and follow-up of project meetings.
  • Assist the project coordinators with the financial and contractual management of the project.
  • Prepare periodic reports and archive all project related documents.
  • Set up and administrate ICT tools for project collaboration, communication and coordination.
  • Provide support for information dissemination and event management, including logistics for workshops, seminars, public websites and preparation of dissemination material, etc.
  • Establish a risk evaluation procedure and as well as mitigation plans in cooperation with the project coordinators and the CDT strategic committee.