CNRS photo Exascale interview

PEPR NumPEx : High-Performance Computing and European Sovereignty

Article originally published on the CNRS website here

The Digital Exploratory Exascale Priority Research Program (PEPR), led by CEA, CNRS, and Inria, aims to develop software for future exascale supercomputers, crucial for scientists and industries to leverage these powerful machines.

With a budget of €40.8 million over eight years, PEPR is part of the Exascale France Project and the EuroHPC initiative, which seeks to create a leading supercomputer ecosystem in Europe. In an interview, Michel Daydé, former co-director of the program, explains that PEPR focuses on adapting algorithms and developing new ones to meet the architectural demands of exascale computing, addressing energy consumption challenges, and creating a robust French software stack. This effort will significantly impact fields like climate science, medicine, and industrial applications, bolstering European scientific and industrial competitiveness.